My Immune System is a Scaredy Cat

My immune system is a huge scaredy cat. All it takes is around 20ppm of gluten and it freaks out and starts killing my small intestine. No big deal.

I had to reset my “Days Without Getting Sick” count after this weekend. I lost my combo bonus of 130 days without any signs of getting glutened. Somewhere over my Thanksgiving holiday, it found me. The rough part is, I can’t recognize the symptoms anymore. They keep changing on me. The end result is always the same but the beginning and intermediate steps are not what I thought they were. I noticed I looked a little pale and washed out on Saturday night but thought it was from a lack of sleep. I woke up with a searing headache on Sunday but thought it was just dehydration. By this morning, there was no denying the cause of my feeling like crap. So we’re back to 2 days without a gluten incident.


This has been a glutening from your Friendly Neighborhood Celiac


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